Yale Film Screening Highlights Psychosis

Elizabeth Blue at Yale MindMap and STEP attended a special screening of Elizabeth Blue, the 2017 Official Selection of Sunscreen Film Festival, at Yale this past September. The film follows Elizabeth, a young woman diagnosed with schizophrenia, as she navigates outpatient treatment and planning her wedding. Program Director of MindMap and STEP Dr. Vinod Srihari,

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“The sooner you seek help the greater your chance of recovery.”

We talked to one of our patients recently, and one question that came up was, “What would you tell your younger self, now that you have been through treatment?”  We find many of these statements to be so insightful and hope they may be useful if you find yourself in a situation where you may have

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How to Deal with Psychosis Diagnosis for Your Child

In most cases, psychosis is not caused by ineffective parenting. It is a biological condition, and parents do not cause psychosis. Being proactive and supportive in your child’s illness, however, can greatly increase the chances of recovery. Understand recent changes in thoughts, feelings, or behavior. Early stage psychosis can include: difficulty concentrating depressed mood sleep changes—sleeping

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