Mindmap Honors Mental Health Awareness Month by Promoting Early Detection of Psychosis

mindmap ct early detection of psychosis campaign billboard

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It serves as an opportune time to promote the early detection of psychosis, a critical step in improving long-term outcomes for those affected. Early detection and intervention can significantly alter the course of psychotic disorders, leading to better outcomes and quality of life. Throughout the month, various organizations and communities engage in activities and campaigns to educate the public, support individuals experiencing mental health challenges, and advocate for improved mental health policies.  

Here’s is what Mindmap is doing for Mental Health Awareness Month!

May 18

Mindmap Gathers a Team to Participate in NAMI walk in Hartford’s Bushnell Park

Honor Mental Health Awareness Month by joining us at NAMIWalks Connecticut on Saturday May 18th, 2024 at Bushnell Park, from 9am- 12pm ET. 

NAMIWalks invites participants to embody the spirit of walking by giving their time, stories, and dedication to mental health advocacy. All while fostering a caring community, raising funds, and spreading awareness that no one is alone.

You can raise awareness of early detection of psychosis by joining the Mindmap team. We will be wearing shirts with information on psychosis and our referral number that connects individuals to care.

Before joining, please register using the link below.

After you register, be sure to reserve your Mindmap team t-shirt here.

May 24

Tune in to WTNH on World Schizophrenia Day

mindmap ct interview on wtnh raising awareness for early detection of psychosis

World Schizophrenia Day falls on May 24th during Mental Health Awareness Month. Watch WTNH – Channel 8 on May 24th when Mindmap will be featured on Connecticut’s Morning Buzz. This is a great occasion to shine more light on our early psychosis detection and treatment campaign, now reaching the whole state with a single referral number: 203-200-0140 .

This midday segment will be filmed live so mark your calendars. We appreciate your support!

In the event that you miss the live segment, we’ll be circulating it on social so you can watch and share with anyone who might need to hear our message. 

May 22

Mindmap connects with New Haven Youth and Educators at the "Get Involved Fair"

Look for Mindmap at the “Get Involved Fair,” hosted by OneStep, a student-led organization, Wednesday, May 22nd at  Wilbur Cross High School.

This event is a great opportunity for students and educators to participate in Mental Health Awareness Month. Given that this population plays a key role in our work that we do, it is important to educate them on the early signs and symptoms of psychosis, as well as letting them know how to get connected to care! 

All Month

Lookout for Mindmap Billboards & Bus Ads Across the State

mindmap ct early detection of psychosis campaign billboard

This Mental Health Awareness Month, we are looking to amplify our message across Connecticut. Keep an eye out for our billboards and bus ads.

The Mindmap campaign aims to minimize delays to care for individuals early in the course of a psychotic illness. Today the campaign runs statewide, screening individuals for psychosis across Connecticut through the use of a single referral line. 

Psychosis is treatable, and it is widely accepted that the earlier people get help the better the outcomes. With treatment, recovery in psychosis is the expectation, not the exception.

If you or someone you love is struggling with any of these symptoms and live in Connecticut, please call our referral line. An Early Detection and Assessment Coordinator (EDAC) will be able to help screen for psychosis, differentiate it from other, related illnesses, and direct you to care. Even if unsure, we encourage all individuals to call.

CALL 203-200-0140

STEP Learning Collaborative's Reach



Not only are we reaching the state of Connecticut, but our presence will also be in Washington state! The STEP Learning Collaborative’s Dr. Vinod Srihari has been invited by the Washington State Center of Excellence in Early Psychosis (WA-CEEP) and the University of Washington’s Supporting Psychosis Innovation through Research, Implementation & Training Lab (UW-SPIRIT Lab) to educate key policymakers and stakeholders about Connecticut’s implementation of the Mindmap Early Detection campaign.  

washington state UW medicine spirit lab speaking engagement

Research Corner

Welcome to the research corner where we will occasionally share new research that drives the work we do. With that being said here is the latest:

Role of Early Psychosis Detection in the Relationship Between Personal Income and Duration of Untreated Psychosis

Shruthi Venkataraman, M.D., M.Sc., Hadar Hazan, Ph.D., Fangyong Li, M.P.H., Maria Ferrara, M.D., Ph.D., Annie Harper, Ph.D., Jessica Ma, B.S., Jai Shah, M.D., F.R.C.P.C., Christie Musket, Ph.D., Nina Levine, M.P.H., Matcheri S. Keshavan, M.D., Vinod Srihari, M.D.

In conclusion: Lower personal income was associated with longer delays to care between 2015-19. We aim to address this disparity going forward in Mindmap so that rapid access is a reality for all.

Upcoming Family & Community Workshops

If you regularly interact with young individuals, then we highly recommend attending our workshops. As the title states, any family or community member is welcome to attend.

May 16th 12pm– Understanding and Breaking the Stigma Surrounding Early Psychosis  - Laura Yoviene Sykes, PhD & Carrie Veillette, LCSW     

June 20th 12pm - Strategies for Carers Pt 1 – Importance of Carers and Communication Skills – Laura Yoviene Sykes, PhD & Toni Gibbs-Dean, PhD 

Upcoming Provider Training Schedule

If you are a provider that works with young individuals, then we highly recommend attending our training sessions. These sessions focus on being able to better support individuals and families affected by psychosis. Topics change each session.

June 6th at 12pm EST- “Gone to Pot” the Relationships between Cannabis and Psychosis – Deepak Cyril Dsouza, MBBS, MD

*Schedule subject to change

* 1 Free Yale CME/Equivalent available for all provider focused offerings hosted by the STEP LC

Have a question? Use the STEP Provider Consultation Service

Another great tool for Connecticut-based clinicians and health-care administrators! The STEP Learning Collaborative Provider Consultation service is free and available to support the continuing care of young people with recent onset psychosis in Connecticut. 

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