Yale Film Screening of Elizabeth Blue Highlights Psychosis

dr. vinod srihari and other panelists sit at table to discuss topic

Mindmap and STEP attended a special screening of Elizabeth Blue, the 2017 Official Selection of Sunscreen Film Festival, at Yale this past September. The film follows Elizabeth, a young woman diagnosed with schizophrenia, as she navigates outpatient treatment and planning her wedding.

Program Director of Mindmap and STEP Dr. Vinod Srihari, M.D., was part of a lively panel discussion following the film, along with the film’s producer, director, and lead actress. The screening was an excellent opportunity to further the conversation about psychosis, and Srihari is excited the topic is capturing people’s attention on the silver screen.

“Elizabeth Blue is a moving portrayal of the experience of psychosis,” said Srihari. “I do hope it will spark many more conversations about a group of illnesses that we need to do much better at recognizing, and the individuals and families affected who we need to do much better at caring for.”

“I’m hoping that Elizabeth Blue can shed some light on the everyday experience of dealing with mental illness, and encourage people to talk about schizophrenia in a more normalized way,” wrote writer/director Vincent Sabella on MovieMaker. “The many preconceived notions and misconceptions people have about mental illness keep me motivated to try to change up the conversation surrounding it.”

Elizabeth Blue is now playing in select U.S. theaters. For more information, visit the film’s IMDB page here. View the trailer here.

Harmonizing Clinical Data Collection in Community-Based Treatment Programs

John Cahill, Medical Director at STEP, and Vinod Srihari, Program Director, took the stage as invited experts at a meeting hosted by the National Institute of Mental Health in Rockville, Maryland last month.

At “Harmonizing Clinical Data Collection in Community-Based Treatment Programs,” Cahill and Srihari presented STEP’s own Population Health-based approach to building systems of care for early psychosis. This same model was also described in a paper published in The Journal of the American Medical Association “Psychiatry” edition — take a look here.

World Mental Health Day

October 10, 2017

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