Examine the research behind first-episode psychosis, early detection, and treatment for psychosis.

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Jan 2024

Role of Early Psychosis Detection in the Relationship Between Personal Income and Duration of Untreated Psychosis

Shruthi Venkataraman, M.D., M.Sc., Hadar Hazan, Ph.D., Fangyong Li, M.P.H., Maria Ferrara, M.D., Ph.D., Annie Harper, Ph.D., Jessica Ma, B.S., Jai Shah, M.D., F.R.C.P.C., Christie Musket, Ph.D., Nina Levine, M.P.H., Matcheri S. Keshavan, M.D., Vinod Srihari, M.D.

Nov 2023

First-episode psychosis and autism spectrum disorder: a scoping review and a guide to overcome diagnostic challenges

Ferrara, M, Curtarello, E., Simonelli, S., Yoviene Sykes, L.A., Fusar-Poli, L., Folesani, F., Belvederi, M. Murri, Eugenio Aguglia, E., Politi, P & Grassi, L

Oct 2023

The effect of duration of untreated psychosis (DUP) on the risk for hospitalization after admission to a first episode service

Maria Ferrara 1, Sinan Guloksuz 2, Hadar Hazan 3, Fangyong Li 4, Cenk Tek 3, Laura Yoviene Sykes 3, Sarah Riley 3, Matcheri Keshavan 5, Vinod H Srihari 3

May 2023

Sampling from different populations: Sociodemographic, clinical, and functional differences between samples of first episode psychosis individuals and clinical high-risk individuals who progressed to psychosis

Matthew A Hagler 1, Maria Ferrara 2, Laura A Yoviene Sykes 3, Fangyong Li 3, Jean Addington 4, Carrie E Bearden 5, Kristin S Cadenhead 6, Tyrone D Cannon 7, Barbara A Cornblatt 8, Diana O Perkins 9, Daniel H Mathalon 10, Larry J Seidman 11, Ming T Tsuang 6, Elaine F Walker 12, Albert R Powers 3rd 3, Adrienne R Allen 3, Vinod H Srihari 3, Scott W Woods 3

Dec 2022

Granular analysis of pathways to care and durations of untreated psychosis: A marginal delay model

Walter S Mathis 1 2, Maria Ferrara 1 2, Shadie Burke 1 2, Emily Hyun 1 2, Fangyong Li 3, Bin Zhou 3, John Cahill 1 2, Emily R Kline 4 5, Matcheri S Keshavan 4 5, Vinod H Srihari 1 2

Dec 2022

Reducing Delay From Referral to Admission at a U.S. First-Episode Psychosis Service: A Quality Improvement Initiative

Maria Ferrara 1, Keith Gallagher 1, Laura A Yoviene Sykes 1, Philip Markovich 1, Fangyong Li 1, Jessica M Pollard 1, Shannon Imetovski 1, John Cahill 1, Sinan Guloksuz 1, Vinod H Srihari 1

May 2022

Early Intervention Services for Schizophrenia: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

Vinod H Srihari 1 2, Matcheri S Keshavan 3

Jan 2022

Reducing the Duration of Untreated Psychosis (DUP) in a US Community: A Quasi-Experimental Trial

Vinod H Srihari 1, Maria Ferrara 1 2, Fangyong Li 3, Emily Kline 4, Sinan Gülöksüz 1 5, Jessica M Pollard 1, John D Cahill 1, Walter S Mathis 1, Laura Yoviene Sykes 1, Barbara C Walsh 1, Glen McDermott 6, Larry J Seidman 4, Ralitza Gueorguieva 1, Scott W Woods 1, Cenk Tek 1, Matcheri S Keshavan 4

Jan 2022

Timing of Cannabis Exposure Relative to Prodrome and Psychosis Onset in a Community-Based First Episode Psychosis Sample

Emily R. Kline,1,2,3,4 Maria Ferrara,5 Fangyong Li,5 Deepak Cyril D’Souza,5 Matcheri Keshavan,1,2 and Vinod H. Srihari5


Establishing the Early Psychosis Intervention Clinic, New Orleans (EPIC-NOLA): Sustainability Challenges Threaten Clinical Success

Ashley Weiss, Serena Chaudhry, John Danie Cahill, Vinod H Srihari

May 2021

First help-seeking attempt before and after psychosis onset: measures of delay and aversive pathways to care

Maria Ferrara 1 2, Sinan Guloksuz 3 4, Walter S Mathis 3 5, Fangyong Li 6, I-Hsin Lin 6, Sumaiyah Syed 3 5, Keith Gallagher 3 5, Jai Shah 7 8, Emily Kline 9, Cenk Tek 3, Matcheri Keshavan 9, Vinod H Srihari 3 5

Feb 2021

Taking the next step: Improving care transitions from a first-episode psychosis service

Keith Gallagher 1 2, Maria Ferrara 1 2, Jessica Pollard 1 2, Laura Yoviene Sykes 1 2, Fangyong Li 3, Shannon Imetovski 2, John Cahill 1 2, Walter Mathis 1 2, Vinod H Srihari 1 2

Sep 2020

Early Intervention for Psychosis in the United States: Tailoring Services to Improve Care for Women

Maria Ferrara 1, Vinod H Srihari 1

Aug 2020

Early Intervention Services 2.0: Designing Systems for the Next Generation of Work

Vinod H Srihari 1, John M Kane 2

Apr 2020

Analysis of Early Intervention Services on Adult Judicial Outcomes

Jessica M. Pollard, PhD,1 Maria Ferrara, MD,1 I-Hsin Lin, PhD,2 Suat Kucukgoncu, MD,1 Tobias Wasser, MD,1,3 Fangyong Li, MPH,2 and Vinod H. Srihari, MDcorresponding author1

Dec 2019

Predictive validity of conversion from the clinical high risk syndrome to frank psychosis

Laura A Yoviene Sykes 1, Maria Ferrara 2, Jean Addington 3, Carrie E Bearden 4, Kristin S Cadenhead 5, Tyrone D Cannon 6, Barbara A Cornblatt 7, Diana O Perkins 8, Daniel H Mathalon 9, Larry J Seidman 10, Ming T Tsuang 5, Elaine F Walker 11, Thomas H McGlashan 12, Kristen A Woodberry 13, Albert R Powers 3rd 12, Allison N Ponce 12, John D Cahill 12, Jessica M Pollard 12, Vinod H Srihari 12, Scott W Woods 12

Aug 2019

Parsing the impact of early detection on duration of untreated psychosis (DUP): Applying quantile regression to data from the Scandinavian TIPS study

Maria Ferrara 1, Sinan Guloksuz 2, Fangyong Li 3, Shadie Burke 4, Cenk Tek 5, Svein Friis 6, Wenche Ten Velden Hegelstad 7, Inge Joa 8, Jan Olav Johannessen 9, Ingrid Melle 10, Erik Simonsen 11, Vinod H Srihari 12


Early Detection of the Schizophrenia(s): A Population Health Approach

Ferrara, M., Mathis, W. S., Mathis, Cahill, J. D. & Srihari, V. H.

Dec 2018

Blind Spots: Spatial analytics can identify nonrandom geographic variation in first episode psychosis program enrollments

Walter S Mathis 1, Scott Woods 1 2, Vinod Srihari 1 2

Sep 2018

An Economic Evaluation of Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) Services for First-Episode Psychosis in the U.S. Public Sector

Sean M Murphy 1, Suat Kucukgoncu, Yuhua Bao, Fangyong Li, Cenk Tek, Nicholas J K Breitborde, Sinan Guloksuz, Vivek H Phutane, Banu Ozkan, Jessica M Pollard, John D Cahill, Scott W Woods, Robert A Cole, Michael Schoenbaum, Vinod H Srihari

May 2018

Transforming the Treatment of Schizophrenia in the United States: The RAISE Initiative

Lisa B Dixon 1, Howard H Goldman 2, Vinod H Srihari 3, John M Kane 4

Feb 2016

Early Intervention for Psychotic Disorders: Building Population Health Systems

Vinod H Srihari 1, Anant Jani 2, Muir Gray 2


Building Early Intervention Services for Psychotic Disorders: A Primer for Early Adopters in the U.S.

Jessica M. Pollard, John D. Cahill and Vinod H. Srihari

Jul 2015

First-Episode Services for Psychotic Disorders in the U.S. Public Sector: A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial

Vinod H Srihari 1, Cenk Tek 1, Suat Kucukgoncu 1, Vivek H Phutane 1, Nicholas J K Breitborde 1, Jessica Pollard 1, Banu Ozkan 1, John Saksa 1, Barbara C Walsh 1, Scott W Woods 1

Dec 2014

Reducing the duration of untreated psychosis and its impact in the U.S.: the STEP-ED study

Vinod H Srihari 1 2, Cenk Tek 3 4, Jessica Pollard 5 6, Suzannah Zimmet 7, Jane Keat 8, John D Cahill 9 10, Suat Kucukgoncu 11, Barbara C Walsh 12, Fangyong Li 13, Ralitza Gueorguieva 14, Nina Levine 15, Raquelle I Mesholam-Gately 16, Michelle Friedman-Yakoobian 17, Larry J Seidman 18, Matcheri S Keshavan 19, Thomas H McGlashan 20 21, Scott W Woods 22 23

Sep 2007

The Key to Reducing Duration of Untreated First Psychosis: Information Campaigns

Inge Joa, Jan Olav Johannessen, Bjørn Auestad, Svein Friis, Thomas McGlashan, Ingrid Melle, Stein Opjordsmoen, Erik Simonsen, Per Vaglum, Tor K. Larsen

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