Our First Year – A Retrospective

glen mcdermott of red rock branding speaking at the mindmap 1 year birthday party

It’s been a busy year for Mindmap! We started this communications campaign in February, 2015 with the goal of reaching more young people and those who love them with information, education, communications, and a clear path to mental health.

mindmap 1 year birthday cake with flickering candle

We’ve stepped out of our offices and into the community via many events throughout the year.

Towards the end of 2015, we extended our coverage to ten towns with the inclusion of Milford and Branford.

We’ve brought info sessions right into your communities. Our Milford launch included participation from lots of community leaders, including State Representative Pam Staneski.

Our interactive “brain game” was a great way to get to meet some of the locals, including Mayor Toni Harp

mindmap team in the community shaking hands

We were covered on local TV, which is a huge help in getting the word out.

We also want to thank YOU for helping to spread the word and exceed our target for the first year of this campaign.

We look forward to continuing this community collaboration, and we hope to launch a Mindmap Ambassador program to help us with community outreach.

There will be events and communications during the month of May, International Mental Health Month, including an art show at The Grove.

Thank you for your continued support in 2016!