Shannon Imetovski

Shannon Imetovski, RN is a nurse clinician on the STEP team, working as a primary clinician and wellness coordinator. As the wellness coordinator, Shannon meets with clients about physical health and provides health education on various topics. She has been a nurse for six years and worked on an inpatient psychiatric unit before coming to STEP. Shannon holds a bachelor’s degree in urban studies from Fordham University along with a bachelor’s in Nursing and a Master’s in Public Health from Southern Connecticut State University. When she’s not working, Shannon enjoys being outdoors, going for a run or spending time at the beach.
“We believe that the body and mind are connected so at STEP we focus on treating the whole person. We monitor clients’ physical health in addition to their mental health to encourage overall wellness and

Shannon Imetovski, RN
Nurse Clinician
(203) 974-7047
Room 222A
Individual counseling,
health & wellness; helps
coordinate services