Start the Convo

Whether you are a friend or family member of someone who might be struggling with psychosis or you’re ready to speak out for mental health and early treatment, here’s how you can help start the conversation on Facebook or Twitter:

Start your week with a #MentalHealthMonday update:

I am committed to being a mental health advocate and providing a safe space to talk about the signs and symptoms of #psychosis.

Take your mental health seriously, just as you would your physical health. #mentalhealthmonday


Don’t be afraid to talk about mental health. That 1 conversation could save someone’s life. Here’s how to start:

Not sure how to #checkin with a friend who may be experiencing #mentalhealthmonday

Young people need help at the FIRST signs of #psychosis, when it matters most. #talkaboutmentalhealth #nostigma

It’s time to consider the greater community cost attached to stigma.